Gobi Manchuria ( Serves 1 ppl )


Gobi Manchuria- Most Loved Vegetarian item

3 reasons why you have to prefer choosing tomorrow’s delivery or later delivery.

1. You will get it for cheaper prices.

2. Everything is prepared from scratch.Nothing
is prepared upfront and used, which
guarantees super freshness.

3. We believe FOOD is LIFE and we manage it
very preciously. If we prepare food upfront
and we don’t have orders- FOOD/LIFE is

Half of food prepared in restaurants end up in bins everyday not useful for any one, which can be used more wisely to feed the hungry. Biryani Handi always encourages this idea, hence brought the idea of different prices for different dates.
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Gobi Manchuria – Most loved Veg Strater ( Serves 1 ppl )


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Today – Lunch, Today – Dinner, Tomorrow – Lunch, Tomorrow – Dinner, Later Date – Lunch, Later Date -Dinner


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